Your Home Climate Service Center]]>

Our mission is to provide you a comfortable and healthy home climate. Whether it is a cold night, chilly morning, or the heat of day outside, inside you can experience the temperature that is right for your family.

Cascade Oil provides convenient, clean and efficient heating oil to homes around Puget Sound. We offer the most advanced furnaces, air conditioners and air cleaners. And we stand behind all our products with expert service to ensure year-round comfort at a cost you can afford!

High Levels of Service Year Around]]>

Cascade Oil recognizes that it takes more than just oil to keep your home heated well - it takes good service to keep you comfortable all year. And we have built on our commitment to service. Today our expertise goes beyond oil heating to provide your home with the cleanest, most comfortable indoor climate throughout the year.

Our technicians provide the attention your home needs, and our company offers the right programs to ensure that our extra levels of service are easy to understand and easy to pay for.

All of our technicians are certified by NORA under the Silver and Gold Certification Program. Also all techs are certified by the State of Washington Low Voltage Code. They regularly attend continuing education classes and seminars to learn the newest procedures and advancements. Our technicians are all licensed and bonded. You can be sure that the Cascade Oil professionals who design, install, and maintain your heating and air conditioning systems have the knowledge and the ability to provide you with the highest quality service.

We stand behind what we do. And we offer extended service plans to cover almost any eventuality:

  • Our Annual Service Contract, for one annual payment, provides one maintenance service call per year for your furnace, and most repairs that may be needed throughout the year.

  • Our Tank Replacement Guarantee offers peace of mind by insuring your most basic home heating investment.

  • Our Pollution Liability Coverage is an important extra insurance for our environmentally conscious age. And Cascade's "Weather Watch" service enables us to anticipate emergencies that otherwise might interrupt customer service.

  • Our exclusive Security Blanket Guarantee incorporates all of the features of the Annual Service Contract and the Tank Replacement Guarantee plus the added bonus of coverage on the combustion chamber, furnace exhaust pipe and burner upgrade, replacement, and parts. If your burner becomes obsolete, under this program we will provide a burner upgrade replacement at no additional cost.

Please call to sign up for the right service plan today!


Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee™]]>
With the Cascade Oil Security Blanket GuaranteeTM you have the complete coverage you need - no minimums, no exclusions, no deductibles, no surprises.

The Cascade Oil Security Blanket GuaranteeTM is an exclusive service - available only to customers of Cascade Oil Company. We know of no other heating oil dealer who provides all of these important services within one simple, easy-to-understand program. Many promise full service performance, but only Cascade Oil Company puts it all together for you.

It consists of seven important heating system services:



Annual Service Contract

Cascade Oil Company will provide a complete furnace maintenance service once a year. This service includes checking, cleaning, repairing or replacing as necessary all currently available operating parts (for example: air filters, fan belt, fuel pump, nozzle, thermostat, etc.). ]]>

Tank Replacement Guarantee

If a leak ever develops in your storage tank or the connecting lines, replacement could cost you more than $1,600. But with our low cost Tank Replacement Guarantee, Cascade Oil will repair or replace your tank and connecting lines. Our Tank Replacement Guarantee brings peace of mind to thousands of Cascade Oil customers. It's a simple, inexpensive service that you will be glad you have.

$60,000 Pollution Liability Coverage

The new Heating Oil Pollution Liability Insurance Program provides you with pollution liability for your heating oil tank. It provides up to $60,000 coverage per incident of contamination. The insurance is free, funded in part by Cascade Oil, and begins when the registration form is completed and received by Washington State's Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA).

Please keep in mind that Pollution Liability Insurance does not replace your Oil Storage Tank Contract. This is liability coverage for pollution, not coverage for replacement or repair.

For more information or if you would like to register, don't hesitate to contact PLIA.

Furnace Maintenance Service

This is the heart of the Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee. It provides:

  • An annual heating system tune-up. This cleaning and tune-up service is designed to increase furnace efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and save you money.

  • Regular check-ups. During each preventative maintenance call, all heating system parts are checked, cleaned, repaired or replaced as needed.

  • Parts and labor for all furnace equipment repairs are provided by Cascade Oil at no charge to you.

  • Availability guarantee. Unlike many dealers, Cascade Oil has no restriction to provide only "currently available parts". If the needed parts are not in stock, we shall order them via air express and install them, usually within a few days, at no charge. If the needed parts are no longer manufactured, Cascade Oil will replace the entire oil burner at no charge. (Due to manufacturer regulations, General Electric Low Pressure and other unadaptable furnaces are excluded.)

Emergency Maintenance Service

  • Under the Security Blanket Guarantee, Cascade Oil Company is on call to provide Emergency Service to your home.

  • There is no overtime charge for evening, weekend, or holiday emergency calls. (Many dealers bill double-time rates for this type of service call or delay their response until Monday morning!)

Automatic Oil Tank Refill Service

  • The Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee includes automatic Oil Tank Refill Service, so you will never worry about running out of oil. You'll never again need to go out in the cold to measure the tank.

  • Cascade Oil provides automatic delivery of heating oil at no additional cost.

  • Cascade Oil monitors your tank regularly. Our computers alert our driver in advance to fill the tank at the proper time. Our drivers are considerate of any special delivery instructions you may request.

  • Cascade Oil purchases and delivers only premium grade heating oil. We do not buy surplus or bargain fuel from unreliable sources.

  • Our oil prices are always competitive and traditionally below the prices of other full service dealers. All invoices show the exact rate per gallon that you pay. Cascade Oil delivery trucks are equipped with computerized meters, verified annually for accuracy by the City of Seattle Department of Weights and Measures.

Oil Storage Tank Protection Plan

  • Your Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee includes the Cascade Oil Storage Tank Protection Plan, which provides for the repair or replacement of your oil storage tank if determined to be necessary. With this Oil Storage Tank Protection Plan, you will not pay for the new tank, related parts, or new oil connecting lines.
  • A special bonus - at no extra charge - is the Cascade Oil Loaner Storage Tank. If the replacement storage tank you need is not in stock for immediate installation, we will loan you a tank temporarily until the new tank arrives.
  • When you have the Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee protection you will spend less time worrying about your heating system and more time enjoying the warmth of a good, efficient, reliable home heating system. That's the way it should be.

Oil Line Protection Plan

  • Many other local oil dealers' maintenance plans exclude the connecting oil lines. The Security Blanket Guarantee however, covers both your oil storage tank and the oil connection lines that carry the oil to your furnace.

  • Should the oil lines need to be replaced, new lines will be provided - without charge for parts, supplies or labor.

  • With the Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee, you have complete protection. You will know that we have anticipated every service you may need and every emergency that might occur.

  • You have complete coverage - no minimums, no exclusions, no deductibles, no surprises.

Flue Pipe Protection Plan

  • Flue Pipe Protection is another important provision in the Cascade Oil Security Blanket GuaranteeTM. It is an important service that many dealers overlook or ignore completely.
  • The purpose of the Flue Pipe is to vent various products of combustion out through the chimney. If the Flue Pipe were to deteriorate, it could cause carbon monoxide or other fumes and gases to escape into your home.
  • Should the Flue Pipe ever need to be replaced, you will not pay for anything - not for the parts or labor. Both are provided at no charge.
  • This Flue Pipe Protection Plan is particularly important in homes or furnaces that are more than 15 years old.
  • The Security Blanket GuaranteeTM is another example of how well Cascade Oil's 70 years of experience pays off for you. As seasoned professionals, we understand oil heat systems better than many dealers. We know where to look for potential problems and how to make needed adjustments.

Combustion Chamber Protection Plan

  • As part of the Cascade Oil Security Blanket Guarantee, we carefully inspect the Combustion Chamber in your furnace during your Annual Tune-Up.

  • We check the Combustion Chamber to maintain higher heating efficiency, cleaner combustion of the heating oil and to assure overall protection of your oil furnace.

  • If we recommend the Combustion Chamber be changed, we will replace it without any charge to you - not for parts, not for labor.
Oil Heat: Efficient, Safe, and Clean]]>

Cascade Oil provides clean and safe heating oil to satisfied customers throughout the greater Seattle area. Heating oil is a clear, rosy liquid that burns very clean. And as Dr. Heat can tell you, heating oil is a safe, environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

We also provide the very best equipment to make the most comfortable indoor climate for your family. We install, and maintain state-of-the-art flame retention burners, high-efficiency furnaces, time-set thermostats, efficient air conditioners, and electronic air cleaners. And we provide in-house financing so that any new burner or furnace is affordable.

Call us for details today: 1 (800) 823-6050

The Fuel You Need, When You Need It]]>

Our Automatic Delivery Service will make sure you never run out of the fuel that warms your home. We will monitor the level of your tank and deliver heating oil when needed. Cascade Oil is committed to the very best in service, and we provide numerous service options to ensure that you maintain the indoor climate you demand.

We offer easy payment plans so that you can choose the method that makes the most sense for your budget:

  • Cascade Discount Plan: Save 5 cents per gallon when you pay the full amount of your delivery invoice within 10 days.
  • Cascade 30-Day Plan: Take up to  30 days to pay in full.
  • Cascade Revolving Credit Plan: You agree to pay 40% of your account balance each month until payment is complete.
  • Credit Card Payment Plan: Call us with your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card for the simplest billing arrangement. Or we can keep your credit card on file and charge your payment automatically.
  • Senior Discount: You qualify for an additional 2 cent per gallon discount if you are 62 or older.
The choice is always yours. Feel free to start on one plan, then switch to another. Whenever you would like to change to a different plan, just let us know.

We also offer a great variety of service plans that will insure the safety and economy of your home oil heating system. Call us today so that you can experience the greatest comfort with the most convenience!



Dr. Heat's "One Minute Lectures"
Lecture One: Oil Heat Is Safe

Most people think of fuel oil as a highly flammable heating source, and therefore dangerous.

This is understandable. After all, kerosene and gasoline and natural gas are all very flammable. We've all heard stories of exploding gas lines - and we see automobiles explode in the movies and on TV.

But heating oil is not like that. It does not burn in the liquid form. Heating oil is formulated and refined so that it is stable.

So, you ask me, how does it work to heat your home?

Very ingeniously. To burn, the oil is vaporized and then heated in a sealed combustion chamber. It is only after this that you get the very hot flame that heats your home!

This is a small-scale preview.
For complete information please check out the full-size version.
Download PDF ]]>
Shades of green]]> What shade of green is your home?]]>

You can do your own calculations by visiting websites such as www.greenchoices.org.

What green practices does Cascade use?]]>
  • Selling Bio Diesel fuel
  • Recycling oil from decommissioned tanks and pump outs
  • Recycling motor oil and tires from our fleet
  • Recycling old furnace and parts
  • Recycling office paper, cans, plastic bottles and cardboard
  • Use of energy saving copiers and printers, monitors and lights
  • Recycling of copiers, printers and monitors
  • Lights off when offices are not in use
  • Digital thermostats
Going green tips]]> Heating and Cooling Tips:

  • Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer.

  • Clean or replace filters on furnaces once a month or as needed.

  • Clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed. Make sure they're not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes.

  • Bleed trapped air from hot-water radiators once or twice a season. If in doubt about how to perform this task, call a professional.

  • Place heat-resistant radiator reflectors between exterior walls and the radiators.

  • Turn off kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing. When replacing exhaust fans, consider installing high-efficiency, low noise models.

  • During the heating season, keep the draperies and shades on your south facing windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to enter you home and heat the interior.
Cut your energy costs with a Tune-Up from Cascade]]>

Your Fall Tune-Up includes all this for the low price of $184.00 (for non-customers $210.00) plus sales tax:

  • Check flame performance
  • Lubricate the blower and motors
  • Check tension on fan belt
  • Check electrodes
  • Check the transformer output
  • Check safety control
  • Check the oil tank for condensation
  • Check the barometric draft regulator

You also receive these new replacement parts without any additional charge:

  • High-efficiency nozzle
  • Oil line filter cartridge
  • Air filter(s)

Plus as a bonus, your Fall Tune-Up includes a Free Performance Check. This is the same Tune-Up that Cascade Oil recommends for every furnace once a year. When your furnace operates at top performance, your home is more comfortable all year long. Limited time offer. Expires October 31, 2012.  Call us for details today:  (206) 323-6050


Cascade Customer Referral Special]]>

Because we value your business, we'd like to offer you a deal that should warm your heart - and perhaps your home too!

Beginning October 1, successfully refer a new oil customer or furnace upgrade account to us and we will reward you with a special gift.

If your referral results in a new Cascade account, we will send you $50.00 *

* We'll be happy to either send you a check directly or apply the $50 to your account.

Now that's easy money!

Take a moment to consider family members or friends who would benefit from Cascade Oil's excellent service. You know they will appreciate hearing the good news about heating oil, and we would love having the opportunity to serve them.

To send your referral, simply fill out the online form below.

1. Why should my furnace be serviced every year?]]>

You should have your furnace serviced once a year in order to keep it's efficiency as high as possible by replacing normal wearing parts such as nozzle, oil line filter and air filters. Also, for safety, motors need lubrication and controls should be maintained within the manufacturers specifications. Yearly service will also help you avoid having to make emergency service calls.

2. Why should I install a new furnace rather than repair my existing old one?]]>

The heat exchanger of an old furnace could deteriorate and allow exhaust gases to enter the warm air stream of the air you breathe, causing a "sick house syndrome". Frequently, replacement parts for older furnaces are unavailable. Also, new furnaces meet the government's energy efficiency code of 80 percent minimum.

3. How does the price of heating oil compare to other forms of fuel?]]>

Heating oil prices fluctuate during the year because of supply and demand. Local heating oil prices stay competitive with other fossil fuels such as Natural Gas. Adjusted for inflation, heating oil is approximately the same price today as it was 30 years ago.

4. How do you know when to refill my heating oil storage tank?]]>

We are able to make a fairly accurate estimate when you are due for a delivery of heating oil based on the outside temperature. We calculate the number of gallons it usually takes to heat a home to room temperature in the actual weather experienced.

5. How often should I change my air filters?]]>

Starting in September or October air filters should be changed or cleaned every other month until the end of the heating season.

6. How much heating oil does an average home use?]]>

Average use is about 500 gallons in a year's time.

Bryce McWalter]]>

We are so glad that you suggested we install an air conditioner along with our new furnace. We were a bit hesitant at first because we were not sure how often we would use it. It is surprising how much we actually do use it. The warm days of summer are so much more comfortable now, and we get a great night's sleep on those hot evenings. Thank you so much for suggesting it. We couldn't be happier!

Gratefully yours,
Bryce McWalter

Joyce Mar]]>

We have been loyal Cascade Oil customers for 40 years. Last year our furnace needed to be replaced. The new furnace heats our home much faster than the old one. It is so clean and efficient that this year my son had Cascade put the same furnace in his house. We couldn't be more pleased. We thank you for all the great years of continued service!

Joyce Mar

Kendra Yoshimoto]]>

We are happy to be starting oil service with Cascade Oil Company. Thank you for taking the time to explain your rates, procedures and policies with me. We appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism.

Kendra Yoshimoto

Jill Sells]]>

Thank you for your assistance in arranging for the replacement of our oil tank. We appreciate very much your consideration during this process, and for covering the cost of tank replacement under your Tank Replacement Guarantee.

Jill Sells

Eleanor Bode]]>

I would like to thank your company, service people and staff for many years of excellent, dependable, courteous service. You supplied my heating oil and kept my furnace running at peak performance for almost 40 years and it was always a pleasure doing business with you. I recommended to the new owners that they contact you for their heating oil needs.

Eleanor Bode

We listen and respond]]>

Thank you for considering the services of our trained professionals. If you have any questions or concerns - or would like to place an order today - email us at sandytaylor@cascadeoil.com, or call us at:

Seattle: ....... (206) 323-6050
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Toll Free: ... 1 (800) 823-6050

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We are confident that you will find us committed to your health, convenience and comfort. We appreciate your interest.

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